In Bed With Zenn – Alison Lewis

Meet Alison Lewis. Founder of Alison Lewis Interiors and ZD's September In Bed with Zenn Feature. 

We chat to Alison about how her core values inform her design, what she's coveting right now and, fun fact, she previously had a successful career in finance! 

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Alison Lewis – In Bed With Zenn

How Did ALI start? Tell us a bit about your studio?
After a successful career in corporate finance and as the general manager of a leading homewares brand I started my interior design studio, Alison Lewis Interiors in 2020.

With an emphasis on textural, tonal and layered interiors my approach to design is relaxed and intuitive.

I love working with leading artisans, suppliers and manufacturers to create custom interiors. It enables me to deliver exceptional projects that exceed expectations and engage my core skill set and values.

Where/how do you seek your design inspiration?

I seek my design inspiration through travel and nature. I love travelling, not only because of my sense of adventure but because it’s a wonderful way to source ideas and capture moments that I can then translate into my interiors and share with clients

Harmonising juxtaposed materials found in nature by playing on smooth/rough, matte/polished throughout my interiors to add interest and contrast.

What is your favourite part of your creative role?
I love a challenge! There’s nothing more challenging than identifying a brief, capturing a brief and then delivering it to its full potential. I love how it gives me the opportunity to have a fluent conversation in how to implement warmth, texture and tactility resulting in an emotional connection and a joyous response. 

How did you come up with the custom design for your Zenn Bed? It's stunning! 
I’m big on fluidity and movement in my interiors and organic shapes that add a softness to the space. I’d always loved the curves of Zenn’s Willow bedhead and there’s a real move towards integration in interiors, including in our furnishings. Combining the curves of the Willow bedhead  in a heavy wool upholstery with custom integrated bedside tables compliments the softness of the interiors and adds a warmth to the bedroom.

Alison Lewis' custom Zenn Design Bed

Why is choosing Australian made important to you?
Choosing Australian made means that I’m not only able to support local manufacturing, ethical employment and local jobs.  It allows me the opportunity to closely oversee the quality of the craftsmanship and the making process to ensure products are in line with their design intent. A win on all fronts!

Do you have any night-time rituals or have a process to help you achieve a sense of calm?
Oh gosh, I would love to say I have mastered a peaceful and relaxing night time ritual! Like most people, some days I’m able to achieve a sense of calm before bed while others are a little hectic in preparation for the following day. Regardless, I’ll try and relax before bed, whether that’s by reading a book or watching (read bingeing) a show. My favourite part of the day though is getting into bed and just letting my body melt into my mattress and sheets, knowing it’s time to give my mind some rest.

What excites you?
I’m excited by variety. I love working for myself and having the opportunities to structure my day in ways that keep me engaged. I’m a sole operator so being self-motivated can be tricky but knowing I have a varied day ahead is fulfilling. I also love travelling, dinners with friends and creating joyful moments with my daughter and husband.

What are you coveting right now?
So many things catch my eye but I’m actually really particular about what I’ll put in my own home. I am a little obsessed with Ben Mazey’s work. He’s a local artist who creates ceramic art and I particularly love his wall hangings, which I’ve also seen used as kitchen splashbacks – I mean genius! 

What's next for ALI? 
Oh there’s some super fun things on the horizon for me. We start our next big project in a few months and I’m so excited to create a new vogue 70s interior bursting with personality and tactility, to complement the stunning architecture by Bryant Alsop. 

I’m also collaborating with a fellow designer on some fun and exciting workshops for designers and architects to bridge the gap between theoretical and practical skills and I’m taking a group of like-minded design enthusiasts to Milan Design Week in 2024, and preparations are in full swing.

Looking into bedroom – Alison Lewis custom Zenn Design Bed

Fast 5
1. Sweet or savory? Sweet 
2. Window or aisle seat? Aisle, I have an 8 year old, there’s no window seat for me for a long time
3. TV binging now? The After Party. It’s bonkers and I’m here for it.
4. Leather or lace? Leather but that sounds a bit naughty
5. Favourite time of the day? Twilight

Shop the Look

Custom Oversized Willow Bed with integrated side tables
Fabric: Instyle Chunky, Profile
Side table finish: CNavUrban Sherbrook 

Image Credits

Linen: Alison Lewis Interiors x BuildHer Collective Range
Art: Marika Borlase
Light: Bouquet 1 pendant by Sinja Svarrer Damkjær from Great Dane
Objects: Stylists own




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