In Bed With Zenn — Bea Lambos

Introducing the first of our new Series ‘In Bed with Zenn’.  
This month we chat to Bea Lambos of Bea + Co Style. Bea is an accomplished Stylist in photography and home decor and today she shares with us her loves, style tips and home rituals.

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IBWZ May Edition with Bea Lambos
Tell us a little about your design practice and styling business? 
Bea + Co is a Melbourne based Interior Decoration practice, specialising in shoot sourcing and styling for homes. We beautify residential spaces for online and print media. We also offer Decorating Consultancy to private clients and seek to find solutions to how they can live better in their homes. Moreover, we seek to find beauty in the ordinary on a daily basis and love to share this on socials.

What inspires you? 
My family, my home, travel in Australia and overseas, and a weekly visit to the local bookstore or newsagent to meander through print.  

Where do you digest your design inspiration from? 
I try to compartmentalise the inspiration by inputting beautiful things that I’m  constantly looking at and sorting them simply so I can find them again easily. I am obsessed with colour and use this as a driving source of inspiration. Everything makes sense for me this way and helps in the direction that I will take in all projects from start to finish. 

What is your favourite part of your creative role? 
The fact that no two days are ever the same! I am easily bored so this creative life is perfect for me. I pinch myself that I get the chance to work in incredible homes alongside super talented Architects and Interior Designers in the industry.  

What do you look for in the pieces you specify for your projects? 
In the end, it all comes down to how the client lives, how the client wants to feel, how much the client wants to spend, and in this post 2020 world; availability! I definitely have a practical spin on what I specify too and I think clients love this because they are the ones who have to live in this space. It needs to be their story and their vibe.

IBWZ May Edition Bea Lambos
What drew you to the Arch Bench Stool and the Wave panelled Bed Head for  your own home? 
Alongside my crush on colour, I also like to focus on shape in any room that I style. My bedroom at home is a large square space and I felt it needed the beauty and simplicity of the curves to soften it all.  

I adore the green Bisson Bruneel fabric Zenn Design sourced for the bedhead!

Your bedroom looks very zen, do you have any night-time rituals to help  achieve a sense of calm? 
I would love to say that I have a strict routine and that it definitely doesn’t include screens but I would be lying so I won’t bother trying! 

But in saying that, there are always lamps lit, a scented candle or oil burner going and no clutter from the day that was. Everything is put away in its place in the evening which makes me feel good when I wake up. Hello new day freshness! 

What would be your dream design job? 
In my ultimate dream, I am in a space where I can curate a complete home of furniture for a client who lets me be me, with a ridiculously healthy budget and time frame! 

I’d also like to do a collaboration with a homewares brand one day.
I’d love to do more copywriting there’s always so much to say when it comes to how we live at home. 

To throw in another idea into the mix, I’d love to be flown around the world to cover visual essays of beauty in the ordinary and unexpected places how cool would that be?

What design piece are you yearning for?
Lee Broom’s new range of lighting, especially the Requiem Globe revealed at  Milan Design Week in 2022. Ever since I saw this at Yellowtrace’s ‘Milantrace’ event last year I haven't been able to get it out of my head! It’s worth a google to feed the eyes with how beautiful it is!

Also at this year's Melbourne Design Week, I discovered an incredible exhibition called 'TILED' by Pépite. This exhibition seeks to highlight the work of Australian contemporary ceramic artists and bring them into interior spaces in a more permanent way.

What’s coming up? Anything you would like us to share/mention? 
There are so many things that I have bubbling behind the scenes, just waiting for the extra time and confidence to get them out there, but keep your eyes peeled on my socials for more! 

Fast Five
1. Sweet or Savoury? Savoury for the win!
2. Window or Aisle seat? Window for long haul + aisle for short.
3. What are you tv bingeing? Nothing. I’m incredibly boring but don’t really watch TV.
4. Camping or resort stay? Resort.
5. Favourite time of the day? 5am. Best part of the day to get things done while watching the sunrise.

Shop the look with Zenn
Wave Panelled Bedhead upholstered in Deploeg Reno-58 (fabric not available in our online range, contact us to view this custom fabric.)
Scatter Cushions upholstered in our platinum online fabric group, Alpaca Velvet Blush.
Arch Bench Stool upholstered in Entwine Grey Marle (fabric not available in our online range, contact us to view this custom fabric.)

Artwork “Cypresses Outside The Studio, Provence 2020” by Samuel Condon
Linen Cultiver — green sheets and pillowcases, Sunday Linen — bedcover and striped pillowcases
Side Table Cleo Collects — Vintage bedside table
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