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Introducing Brahman Perera – Founder/Interior Designer of Brahman Perera and December’s IBWZ feature. We loved chatting to Brem (and much loved pooches – Billie and Ella) about his considered, innate sense of design and style. Brem shared with us his evening wind down and what's next for Brahman Perera.   


Insta: @brahmanperera

Brem Perera's Master Bedroom

How did BP start out? Tell us a little bit about your Studio?
I decided to establish myself as a sole designer/studio in early 2020, timing itself in a complicated way with covid and the various lockdowns and restrictions. Regardless, a sense of persistence and flexibility allowed me to forge ahead, with some projects in 2020 being completed without a single site visit. My practice revolves around residential, retail, and hospitality as my main areas of expertise, all informed by my passions for the arts and bolstered by my decade of experience as an Interior Designer in Melbourne.

Last year you won the IDEA Emerging Designer of the Year, Belle Fanuli Design Star Award. You also made the EST top 10 and VL50 list. Has this changed your studio’s direction and how?
Yes and no. Growth from accolades and recognition is always such an honour, but an important purpose for my business is to start and complete projects with a key attention to detail and close-working relationship with my clients. I don’t see my practice evolving into a larger-scale firm with many employees. It’s important to me and my clients that I give them my full and appreciative attention.

What's the most exciting project you're working on now? (if you can tell us!)
There are some incredible residential projects that are underway and some almost finished (of which some are years in the making) that I will be very excited to share in the coming months and year. Another exciting project is a beautiful clothing retail store in Sydney by a beloved Melbourne-based brand, who are fantastic clients to work with.

Where/how do you absorb your design inspiration?
Design inspiration always seems to be an elusive thing for people. For me, it tends to present itself in art and theatre. Film sets from the 20th century are always an amazing source of ingenuity, combined with a film’s art direction and music score.

Brem's master bedroom

What is your design point of view?
As a designer I think it is always important to have an overall design language that your work speaks of. But I also think it’s important to lend yourself to the client’s vision as any project is invariably a collaborative one. Interior design for me, is elemental in the sense that I try and consider how a space will operate and live when complete, and how it is absorbed by a person's five senses: how it looks, how it is lit, how it feels, what does it sound like, does it have a fragrance?

How heavily do you lean to bespoke design pieces for your projects and why?Bespoke pieces are always preferable and a joy to work with other makers to create, but it will usually come down to lead times and budgets. A studio like Zenn Design has been one of my main makers of beds for the past year now, as I always prefer to select my own fabrics and be able to customize designs where I can. Being in Australia and physically long-distance from a lot of the bed design houses, it’s important to work with local designers and makers here, and the end results are always amazing.

Why is choosing Australian made important to you?  
I suppose I started to answer this question above, but I think Australia has such high standards for manufacturing and the creative talent for design is bar none. I am also noticing more and more that my clients prefer locally-made and customised designs. 

Your room has such a layered sense of calm.  Do you have any night-time rituals or have a process to help you achieve a sense of zen?
Lighting is key for any bedroom, with warm-hued lamps being a key element to help with unwinding as well as a space’s scent: using an oil burner at night always assists in slowing down for the evening.

What are you coveting right now?
I have been spending most weekends gardening, so am eagerly awaiting a fully-grown garden.

What's next for BP? (Anything you would like us to share/mention?)
I would like to develop more pieces for people and clients to purchase. My hand-made pendants are still a piece that I continually make, so I would like to be able to offer a couple more designs for people to purchase in the coming months.

 Brem Perera's Master Bedroom

Fast 5 (short word responses)

  1. Sweet or Savoury? Sweet
  2. Window or Aisle seat? Aisle
  3. TV bingeing now? The Crown
  4. Leather or lace? Lace
  5. Favourite time of the day? Mornings

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Custom Bed design from Zenn
Fabric: Dedar - Tiger Mountain - Col 003

Image Credits
Linen - In Bed Store
Throw - Barefoot, Sri Lanka
Side Tables:  Leonard Joel auctions
Small Art: Flea market find
Large Art: Marnie Haddad
Pendant: The Society Inc, Sibella Court
Rug: Leonard Joel find
Lamp: Vintage spun metal wall sconce from France
Dogs: Billie & Ella

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