In Bed With Zenn – Brooke Blurton

Meet Brooke Blurton – Noongar Yamatji Woman, Youth Worker, Author, Mental Health Advocate and this month's In Bed with Zenn Feature.

We spoke with Brooke about her mentorship roles and more recently, her newest role – Author! Brooke shares with us her personal goals for 2023 and what her wind down routine at night looks like.

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Brooke Blurton In Bed With Zenn

What keeps you busy these days? 

A few things, I love keeping busy – keeps me sane!

I’m currently working and studying. I work as a Youth worker part time, studying to become a marriage celebrant and also work as a speaker, content creator and mental health advocate. I am a newly published author and am writing a children's book coming out next year.

What is your favourite part of your role/s?

My favourite part of my job(s) is having a podcast called “NOT SO PG” with my best friend Matty. With all seriousness of all my other jobs, this is so fun and enjoyable. It doesn't feel like work, it just feels like you’re having a very candid and fun conversation with your bestie. 

What would be your dream job? 

I don’t want to sound super cliche but I am living out my dream job. I think because I do so many different and versatile things, I love what I do. Though if I could choose a job or path of something I dreamt of as a kid – it would be to play AFLW. 

What inspires you and what are you really passionate about? 

I’m driven by wanting to help people. I think it fulfils this passion of wanting to give back to my community and family. I’m passionate about First Nations people and my culture because It’s something I feel very proud of. I am inspired by Young People. 

Zenn Design's Krystal Fully Upholstered Bed – pictured in Ovis Boucle Ivory

What drew you to the Krystal Bed for your own home? 

I’ve always loved the way the Krystal bed looked. It just looks so inviting and in my bedroom, I want it to be the space where I feel the most calm. My bedroom is like a sanctuary and a place where I should feel the most calm and relaxed. The Krystal bed for me makes me feel like that.

Why is choosing Australian made important to you? 

I’m a person who has always supported local and home grown businesses in Australia. So for me Zenn was someone I considered when I was picking pieces for my home. 

Your bedroom looks very zen, do you have any night-time rituals or routines to help achieve a sense of calm? 

I’m all about a night care routine. I even have a reminder around half an hour out of bed time to remind me to start winding down. I value sleep and mindfulness a lot in my life, so when it comes to prioritising that I make sure the space and places in my home represent that. My bedroom being one of them. When it comes to my zen, I take it quite seriously, whether its down to the colour of linen I choose to the smells I affiliate to sleep (lavender) Feeling relaxed in my bedroom is something I love which is why I don’t welcome my laptop/tv in my bedroom. 

What are you coveting right now? 

I’m coveting right now an Arch Bench Stool from Zenn!

Where to from here? What's on the horizon for BB? 

I’m really loving what I’m doing right now in my career and in my industry, so I’m really happy. I do love a challenge and I think for me there's a few fitness and career goals I’d love to smash before 2024 comes around. I’d love to complete a full or half marathon. I’d like to also spend more time at home with my beautiful pup. I travel so much for work, so I’d like to find a better work life balance in the new year.

Fast Five

1. Sweet or savoury? Sweet, tiramisu is my favourite dessert.
2. Window or aisle seat? Window – I'm a motion sickness girlie. 
3. What are you TV binging? Sadly, I'm on the Bridgeton bandwagon. 
4. Leather or Lace? Lace – not a fan of leather haha!
5. Favourite time of the day? Morning. Especially a Sunday morning. 

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Image credits
Artwork 1: House of Spoils – Clint Robert “The Daily” 
Artwork 2: House of Spoils – Clint Robert “After Shock” 
Linen: Bed Threads – Limoncello
Side Tables: Zenn Design X Christopher Blank – Kip Side Table
Cushions: Zenn Design Mokum Alpaca, Dune/ Mokum Bespoke, Allium 
Objects: Ferm Living Oyster Brass Dish

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