In Bed With Zenn — Cassandra Walker

This month we chat to Cassandra Walker of Cassandra Walker Design. We catch-up with Cassie and ask her all about her design practice, what she's working on and what her wind down looks like at night. 


In Bed With Zenn - Cassandra Walker

Tell us a little about your design practise?
We are a design practice that prioritises sustainability and quality equally. We believe that design with intention is the ultimate luxury. We create tailored and mindful projects that are enduringly timeless. Our practice pays attention to details, both in the physical spaces created and in the design documents curated. We focus on how daily rituals and lifestyles can inform design decisions, leading to work that is customised to meet the specific needs of each client. Mindfulness, intentionality, and evolving timeless design principles are core values that we hold dear.

What inspires you?
I believe inspiration can be found in all corners of the world - it's simply a matter of having an open mind and a keen eye. Our sources of inspiration are constantly evolving as we explore new avenues and embrace new challenges. We take a collaborative approach to design, drawing inspiration from our clients and their individual journeys, as well as their specific needs. As most of our projects have a strong history attached, we find great joy in discovering and celebrating the unique original features of each property. These initial inspirations help us create designs that seamlessly blend the old with the new, resulting in spaces that are both functional and beautiful.

Where do you digest your design inspiration?
Everywhere and anywhere we are drawn locally and internationally, from nature and history. There are endless places and ultimately, inspiration can be found all around us. That may not be the answer you're looking for but I keep my eyes wide open and absorb as much of the world as I can.

What is your favourite part of your creative role?
The relationships we build. We feel incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to work with such amazing clients and individuals who place their trust in us. We are constantly challenged and engaged by the unique demands of each project, making every day exciting and unpredictable. We never get bored because every day presents a new challenge that requires us to think creatively and find innovative solutions.

What do you look for in the pieces you specify for your projects? 
Gosh that is hard, it really depends on the client and project. Authenticity is a big one for us. We know firsthand how much time and energy goes into the design of pieces (be it furniture or homewares) so supporting the designers and makers of these is crucial to us.

IBWZ Cassandra Walker - Bedroom Details

What drew you to the Harper Fully Upholstered bed for your own home
Opting for an Australian-made product that supports a locally owned business and its workforce is of paramount importance to me. With plans to relocate in the near future, we were deliberate in selecting a neutral fabric that offers versatility and longevity, primed to be repurposed in our future home/s. This mindful approach reflects our commitment to responsible consumerism and our dedication to sourcing products that align with our values.

Why is choosing Australian made important to you?
In addition to my answer above they meet strict chemical and safety standards. Australian manufacturers follow rigorous environmental regulations, ensuring that products are safe for consumers and the environment. By choosing Australian-made products, consumers can have confidence in their safety and quality. Additionally, this choice reduces the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals used in other countries with less strict regulations. Overall, selecting Australian-made products is a responsible and sustainable choice that benefits consumers and the environment.

Your bedroom looks very zen, do you have any night-time rituals to help achieve a sense of calm?
Oh I wish. Our bedtime ritual is far from Zen with three young children. We play a game we call musical beds each night, far from calm.

What would be your dream design job?
I am pinching myself right now as I am working on lots of my dream jobs at the moment! We can always dream bigger but I am so grateful for where I am now and never dreamed it was possible.

What are you yearning to purchase?
I would love to commission an oversized custom sofa for a property we are about to extensively renovate. Watch this space. I have big ideas I am excited to execute. Lots of purchasing really. 

What's next for CW? (Anything you would like us to share/mention?)
We have a number of really exciting residential projects reaching completion, we can’t wait to share these soon. Some of these projects have been 3-4 years in the making so it feels surreal they are coming to an end.

Fast 5

  1. Sweet or Savoury? Can I say both?
  2. Window or Aisle seat? Window
  3. What are you tv bingeing? Ted Lasso and Succession (don’t judge me) 
  4. Camping or resort stay? Resort all the way 
  5. Favourite time of the day? 8:30am after the morning chaos has subsided.   

Photo Credits

Bed linen - Abode City Linen 
Side Tables - Grazia and Co 
Wall lights - LAMPE DE MARSEILLE from Lights Lights Lights 
Bench Stool - Moller Bench from Great Dane 
Art - Katie Wyatt painting and Wood Carving Isabel Rayson 
Vase and Dish - Dinosaur Designs Dish and Marmoset Found Vase

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