In Bed With Zenn – Hannah Goldberg

Introducing Hannah Goldberg. Founder and Creative Director of Zenn Design and mum to Raizy and Libby.

This special edition of In Bed with Zenn we go behind the seams and take a look inside Hannah’s highly considered Master bedroom. We had a candid chat where she revealed how Zenn really started, her standout moments in business, and the thought process behind the selections for her bedroom.

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Hannah in her Master Bedroom

Not many people know the very early stages of Zenn’s inception. Talk us through these really early stages?
Sure – it all started early  2020 when I was looking for a change during COVID. At the time I was working closely with builders and architects in our family window furnishing business. Working with the fabrics and furnishing industry for some time, I noticed a huge demand and saw a gap in the market for high quality locally crafted upholstered furniture with short lead times. I decided to go ‘all-in’ on my new business concept and gave months of long hours to make it a reality. By the six-month mark, we were overwhelmed by the demand and were struggling to keep up with orders! Whilst it was a great problem to have, we had to pivot and learn quickly to keep the business moving forward.

You sell beds… They’re all incredible. So how did you choose your bed design?
I've always loved the Soho bedhead's timeless look! It instantly adds grandeur to any bedroom. I have a 3 metre wall, which perfectly fits an Oversize King Bedhead. I originally wanted the oversized Jade, with its soft curved edges but it wouldn’t fit up my stairs! So I went with Soho as it comes in sections. It's always been a favourite too. When it came to fabric selection I wanted something lighter, I am such a fan of tonal texture so it felt like a sign when there was left over Contexture fabric in our workshop! It is extremely important to me that we recycle or repurpose materials wherever possible to reduce wastage. We ensure this daily in our practices so the progression of the bed and its design came together quite naturally.

So now take us through the details of your room…
Well I have my Soho bed head which is the main piece in the bedroom, it's just so classic in shape. For bed linen I only sleep in Abode living sheeting and I am obsessed with my current linen set I'm sleeping in! Combined with my wall lighting from Lights, Lights, Lights for soft reading light and my Zenn signature spray – this is my nightly wind down.

I recently changed up my bed end and added our latest bean shaped piece called the Loft Ottoman in a stunning bold earthy colour. This tied in so perfectly with the warmth of my walnut Siesta sides.

I often change up my bed valance and cushions for a fun pop of colour. Everything from the muted heavy linen curtains which are our go-to from the Warwick Linia Linesta range against the vintage velvet bolsters just added up to this really lovely textural vibe.  

I'm a super minimalist but being I'm currently in a rental (as we are building) I enjoyed the design challenges I needed to overcome to love my space! It has to be fun and interesting or I’ll get bored of it! Trust me, It wont stay this way for very long!! I’m always changing it up and wanting to try new ideas!

Soho Bedhead in Contexture ParchmentFour Years - Four Do’s & Four Don’ts?
I love this one. Here are a few.
Stay adaptable In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, being able to pivot and adapt to changing circumstances is crucial. It's easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day tasks and challenges. Embracing flexibility has allowed me to navigate challenges and seize new opportunities.

Build a strong network Surround yourself with a supportive network of mentors, friends, and fellow business owners that can pass on invaluable guidance, insights, and opportunities for collaboration.

Prioritise self-care It's easy to get caught up in the hustle and grind of running a business, but prioritising self-care is essential for maintaining mental and physical well-being. Setting boundaries, taking breaks, and investing in personal development have all contributed to my overall success.

Trust your gut: Intuition plays a powerful role in decision-making. Learning to trust your instincts and intuition can lead to some of the best outcomes and confident decisions.

Celebrate your wins!!!

Fear failure: It's an inevitable part of the business journey, but it's also valuable learning. Take the failure as a stepping stone to growth rather than overthinking it. I always say fail faster – that way you learn faster!

Lose sight of the bigger picture: Regularly reassess your business direction and make adjustments as needed but try not to lose sight of the overall point of where and what you’re doing! It is key to staying on track!

Don't compare your chapter 5 to someone else's chapter 20: Everyone’s journey is different so comparing your progress to others is not healthy or helpful. Focus on your journey and celebrate your achievements, no matter how small, along the way.

Don't wait for things to be perfect, just do it: Waiting for perfection can lead to missed opportunities. Take action, learn from your experiences, and adapt along the way.

Bedroom details

Who has impacted your business journey the most and what has been your biggest pinch me moment?
Undoubtedly, it’s the incredible Australian design community and loyal clients who have impacted my journey the most. From the very beginning, they trusted me and supported Zenn fully. Their confidence pushed us to do more and be better, providing the foundation which has enabled us to expand and achieve success in the design industry.

Getting to a point in my business journey where I can select who we align with feels like a pinch-me moment of gratitude. Just three years ago, I would have eagerly accepted any opportunity, so being able to work with the best fits for my business now is truly a dream come true.

Why is manufacturing in Melbourne, Australia so important to you?
Well there's nothing quite like having a locally made custom piece for your home. Knowing you've supported a local business and that it was crafted by a skilled maker is truly special.

But I think what I love most about being Australian made, is that our workshop is based locally in Melbourne and it allows me to be personally involved in every step of the process, ensuring our meticulous standards are upheld and reliable lead times are maintained. I love that we can also be much more efficient in resolving issues and squeeze in urgent orders where required.

Additionally, it makes for easy experimentation and testing of new designs and fabrics.

Who’s your favourite designer?
When it comes to interiors and architecture locally, I'm always blown away by Workroom Design – their projects and detailed design are incredible! 

Internationally I am a huge fan of Cara Woodhouse and Kelly Wearstler. These women are not afraid to showcase bold patterns and colours and they always execute the most exquisite projects.

Travel – you love it and do it often. Where to next? 
I'm off to LA , NY,  Canada, by the time this launches I'll likely be back and onto the next location!!! Ha! I love travelling!

Soho Bedhead in contexture parchment

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Soho Bedhead in fabric Contexture Parchment

The Loft Ottoman in fabric Ostuni Sienna

Siesta Side Table – Open Shelves in Walnut

Custom Bed Valance – Davina Linen, Bluestone

Bolsters in Vintage Deux Antique

Zenn Signature Room Spray

Image Credits
Linen: Custom Abode Living – Aurora Hemp Cover and Ultracale Oyster Sheeting with contrast satin stitching.
Wall Lamp: Lampe De Marseille, Lights Light Lights
Objects/Lamp: Design Stuff
Art: "Familial' by Susan Trigg via Forman Art and Framing

Photographer: @elisawatson_photography
Stylist: @beaandcostyle and @hannahgoldberg__


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