In Bed With Zenn – Jacquie Felgate

Introducing Jacqui Felgate. Australian Journalist, radio host and all round Melbourne favourite! 

We checked in with Jacqui to find out what she's been up to lately, her career role model and where her travel plans will take her this year!

Insta: @jacquifelgate

In Bed With Zenn with Jacqui Felgate

If you didn’t have such a successful career in journalism what was the alternative career path you would’ve followed?
Maybe a policewoman in the mounted branch. I love horses and working with people.

What has been the pinnacle highlight of your career so far?
Being the first woman to host the Brownlow Medal in 2020 was such a highlight. But, to be honest I love what I’m doing now! Having a platform that allows me to reach so many people is a privilege – both on radio and on social media.

Looking back, what would you tell your younger self? Any hard lessons learnt
It’s all going to work out just fine. I wish I had told myself to enjoy every moment of growing up and being young. In my 20s I was so worried about the destination – it’s only now that I’m in my 40’s that I realise the journey is the fun bit!

Who is your ultimate inspiration and role model? Why?
I’ve always admired sports journalist Caroline Wilson. Women liked her helped smash the glass ceiling for those like me that followed.

Jacqui's bedroom details. Arch bench & close up of Krystal Bed.


What keeps you driven, motivated and focused? How?
I want my children to be healthy, happy and have all the opportunities I can possibly give them. This keeps me focused on working hard. I love work – it gives me purpose and a sense of achievement.

You’ve always been a fan of Zenn (TY!), Why?
I ordered a bed from Zenn Design online a few years ago and I think it was during a lockdown! It went absolutely crazy when I posted it on my instagram. I didn’t know Zenn or Hannah or anything about the brand at the time. Since that time we have worked together on some amazing projects and I'm such an advocate for this locally owned and made biz. I love supporting women who are doing great things in their field. Hannah is a total boss lady! 

What do you love about bespoke design pieces for your home and why?
I love that a Zenn piece is created here in Australia! I have a couple of beds now and I always get asked about them. Especially the bed in my daughter’s room; the pink linen is just gorgeous. Being able to customise your piece means you’re creating something that is unique to you. They’re really special and beautifully made.

Your room has such a serene sense of calm. Do you have any night-time rituals or have a process to help you achieve a sense of zen?
I always have a cup of tea before bed! I don’t drink coffee but love tea. I also believe in going to bed early. My dream is to be in bed by 8pm (hehe!) and get up around 5:15 most mornings.

Travel – we love following your adventures… What's on the cards this year?
We are heading to Sifnos in Greece with the family! I can’t wait!

What are you coveting right now?
Some free time! I’ve got a lot on my plate work wise this year, but if I was to treat myself it would be a pair of Chanel White Dad sandals. 

Jacqui's bedroom details & styling

1. Pizza or Burgers? 

2. Text or Call? 100% call, and it drives all my friends insane. 

3. Window or Aisle? Window, you get that little bit of extra room in the corner. 

4. Thriller or Romcom? Thriller, murder mystery everytime!

5. Morning or Nights? Morning! I get up most days at about 5:15am and if I'm in bed, a Zenn Bed, by 8pm I'm happy. 


Shop the Look
Bed: Krystal Bed – fabric: Mokum Pure – Silver ( Platinum range)

Bench: Arch Bench Stool – fabric: Monza Boucle 00 (Platinum range)

Side Tables: Zenn Design X Christopher Blank Siesta Side Tables in Zenn White Wash

Custom Scatter Cushions – fabric: Mokum Pure – Silver (Platinum range) 

Image Credits

Linen: Abode
Lamps: Norsu
Jacqui’s Fit: Viktoria & Woods Chauffeur Trouser and Encore Shirt

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