In Bed With Zenn – Kayla Itsines

Introducing Kayla Itsines. Mum to Arna and Jax, Co-Founder and Head Trainer of Sweat, the leading fitness App and our April In Bed with Zenn Feature!

We caught up with Kayla and husband Jae in their new Gold Coast home. We chatted all things Sweat, new projects and what her nightly wind down looks like.

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Kayla Itsines Master Bedroom
The Sweat story is nothing short of phenomenal. Starting as a humble PDF! Could you have ever imagined the success it has had?

Short answer – No! I was just a personal trainer from South Australia. I recognised a gap in the market for women and exercise. Women who needed routines tailored to their lifestyle that were typically mothers and consequently time poor. So I developed a program for them and their needs, keeping in mind that they have hormonal changes, are very time poor and limited in ability to go to gyms. By creating this program, it just filled this gap in the market that no one was doing or thinking about. It brought so much success and amazing opportunities.

Looking back over these past 13 years, what would you tell your younger self? Any hard lessons learnt?
I would go back and tell my younger self to celebrate the small wins. It’s something I just didn't do as I was so focused on what was next. It's really important to mark the little wins. Hard lessons learnt is not trying to do everything, all at once, myself. I wish I had reached out and asked for help when I really needed it as I burned out by trying to juggle so much all at once.

Details of Kayla's master bedroom

Who is your ultimate inspiration and role model? Why?
My family. The beautiful women in my family are my inspiration and role models. They are not from fame or money but they all work really hard and have such high work ethics. It's just who they are as people and they’re everything to me.

What keeps you driven, motivated and focused? How?
My community keeps me driven, motivated and focused. I am so aware that there's someone out there having a worse day than me, who's got more kids than me, who has a harder life and they're still able to go to the gym. This is my constant source of motivation and inspiration.

What's the most exciting project you're currently working on now? (if you can tell us!)
I am currently working on a brand new renovation project in Adelaide in the city of Malvern. We are so excited about this project as it's a heritage home. We’re very much looking forward to this and taking Zenn Design along for the journey!

What do you love about bespoke design pieces for your home and why?
I think bespoke pieces elevate any room. I especially love our custom Arch Bench stool to accompany my Zenn RFB Bed as it finishes off the room in such a luxe way. Bespoke pieces change a room to have warmth and purpose. The best thing about ordering from Zenn's RFB Collection was that I wasn't overwhelmed with choice, there was no lead time and I received it within 2 days. 

Why is choosing Australian made important to you?  
I am so proud to be Australian and pride myself in buying Australian made wherever I can. Supporting Australians and small businesses is something I'm passionate about.

Your room has such a serene sense of calm. Do you have any night-time rituals or have a process to help you achieve a sense of zen?
Warm shower before bed so I feel relaxed. I love clean sheets, so this is a must! Having a nice cup of tea, some magnesium and low light to set sleep mode on.

What's next for Kayla? 
Heaps! But sadly none I am able to formally announce yet. BUT what is exciting is my new home project which is a big focus right now. Can’t wait to share more!

Kayla's Heron RFB fully upholstered bed.

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Bed: Harper Bed RFB, in Heron Ricepaper.
Arch Bench: In Ovis Ivory

Image Credits
Bed Cover: Cultiver Heavyweight Linen Ivory
Vase: OakLab
Lamp: Soktas

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