In Bed With Zenn – Krystal Giardina-Dahaby of House of Harvee

Introducing Krystal Giardina-Dahaby. Founder of House of Harvee, the renowned lifestyle blog for all lovely things house, family, fashion and travel. We worked with Krystal to develop our Krystal Bed three years ago, which has fast become our most popular bed design. We chat to her about her inspo, what her plans are for 2024 and how she likes to unwind.

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Krystal from House of Harvee shares her Master bedroom.
You are THE Krystal who we worked with to develop our Krystal bed. It's been such a huge success in our range. What inspired you to approach Zenn about this design? 
I was delighted to work with Zenn Designs to create our dream bed and the process was so inspiring. We actually stayed in a hotel a while ago that had a chunky bed which was low to the floor and we loved it so much that I wanted to create something that was similar to the design and style of our home. Boucle was a no-brainer as it was very in fashion but aside from that I love it so much so the bed had to be boucle! I have quite a big master bedroom so the bed had to sit well in the space, having the chunky bedhead and base added such a luxe feel.

How did House of Harvee begin? Tell us about yourself? 
House Of Harvee was essentially just a page where I shared pictures of my home spaces. It wasn’t until the addition of instagram stories that I allowed myself to be a face on the platform. I instantly felt a connection to the audience and loved building relationships with brands and people through interiors and day to day life. I try to be as real and as vulnerable as I can, which I hope gives people a space to feel like they are not alone and are safe to be themselves. I absolutely love when people ask me questions about my home and design selections. I feel a real sense of accomplishment when I can help someone create a space in their home where they feel happy and proud. 

Who is your ultimate inspiration and role model? Why? 
I have an abundance of things/people that inspire me. I fall in love with tiny bits of all different spaces and slowly add them all together!

What keeps you driven, motivated and focused? How? 
I think my dreams and goals are what keeps me “DOING”. I have big dreams :) 

Krystal's master bedroom.

What's the most exciting project you're currently working on now? (if you can tell us!) 
At the moment I am planning our USA trip that is coming up in a few months so the timing for my next interior project isn’t quite right but it is definitely still getting a lot of time in my mind and mood-boards. Watch this space!

What do you love about bespoke design pieces for your home and why? 
The process of creation and design is my favourite part. What can be done, how much of my ideas can actually be made into real life – I love working through the possibilities. I love seeing that unique piece in my home I have designed and love it when others also comment and share – it really gives me so much enjoyment.

Why is choosing Australian made important to you? 
Being able to support Australian businesses is so important and feels so much more closer to home.

Your room has such a sense of calm. Do you have any night-time rituals or have a process to help you achieve the ultimate zen? 
We are very lucky that we have such a big space in our Master Bedroom so I think that really adds to the calm of the space. I love to read in bed with tea on my side table and just get cosy in the space :)

What's next for Krystal? 
I’m looking forward to 2024, really hoping to drive more into my creative path and being able to bring happiness to the people around me!

Fast 5 

1. Sweet or savoury? Savoury
2. Text or call? Call
3. Driver or passenger? DRIVER
4. Romcom or thriller? Oh this is hard... Both! 
5. Cats or dogs? Before we got a puppy I would say cats but now dogs. 

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Bed: Krystal Fully Upholstered Bed, in fabric Warwick Fabio Boucle - Ivory.
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Arch Bench Stool, in fabric Ovis Boucle Ivory.

Image Credits

Linen: Hart and Co 
Side Tables: GlobeWest
Objects on side tables: Adairs
Art: Jai Vasicek
Rug: Rugs for Good 

Krystal's master bedroom

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