Mother's Day with Zenn Design founder Hannah

This Mother’s Day we chat to Hannah, our Founder and Creative Director here at Zenn Design on balancing motherhood and business.
Zenn Founder Hannah, Rae & Libby
How has motherhood informed your approach to business and life? 
As a Mum of 2 little girls I am constantly thinking about the impression I am leaving on my daughters. It’s important for me to be a positive role model. Show them that they can do anything and follow their dreams whilst still sticking to their core values and staying true to themselves.
What's one thing motherhood has taught you about yourself?  
How capable I am! Multitasking to the max, running on very little sleep and always getting through endless to-do lists!
What has been your proudest moment so far as a mum?
Watching my girls become who they are. They are such fun, loving, happy, kind and caring girls. 
How do you switch off when you’re at home? Do you have rituals or rules?
From Friday to Saturday I have a 24 hour detox from social media. This is strict family time to reconnect and have deeper moments.
What’s your best advice for mothers starting a new business?
Ahhh so much…Always trust your instinct… you ARE SO CAPABLE.
Collaborate! Collaborate! Collaborate!
Don’t be scared to ask, the worst thing that could happen is you’ll get a No.
You're never going to be ready to start your dreams, so just start! 
If you work hard and keep hustling you can do anything. Make sure it’s something you LOVE and are very passionate about, to get through all those long hard nights and try not to lose sight of you along the way. Believe in your vision and surround yourself with like minded people who support, encourage and lift you up. 
Rae & Libby
️Photography by Ruti Spigelman
How do you keep a work/life balance with two young children?
I don’t think I have mastered that perfectly - who does?
But I am always trying to improve on a better work life balance. 
My children always come first so I always ensure to be there for all the important moments, morning routines, school pick ups, after school classes etc.
I involve my girls in my work life, ask their opinions as I want them to form thoughts and ideas of their own. 
Also get help, learn to cut corners where you can by delegating to family/help. You can’t do everything and it's a constant work in progress so don’t be hard on yourself for wanting it all!
And as my team grows it’s easier to maintain a work life balance. 2023 has been all about not heading back into the office evenings and weekends and so far I’m winning.
What's your biggest design tip? 
Be brave, experiment, don’t be scared to stand out and never stop evolving your aesthetic, brand and business. 
What have you learnt most from your kids? 
To live life in the moment, be your best you and be more carefree.
Women who inspire you?
Has to be my incredible Mum and Sisters who are all such inspiring humans and mamas themselves! And the incredible women I work with everyday that have helped build my amazing business. It really does take a village.
Hannah and girls
️Photography by Ruti Spigelman

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