Zenn Mums

Zenn Mums

This Mothers Day we’re celebrating the incredible Zenn mums across our showroom and studio team who work so passionately for the brand whilst raising their own families. They share their thoughts and wisdoms on what motherhood means to them.

Hannah & her 2 daughters
Hannah – Founder / Creative Director & mum to Raizy, 9 & Libby, 6. 

Ok Han, tell us all how you juggle being a mum and running Zenn? It's challenging on the best of days, but I love it.  I try hard to stick to work hours and rely on my exceptional team for support during busy mum moments. I'm lucky to also have an amazing support system if I ever need help with school pickups etc.

Define motherhood? Endless love. It's hands down the most incredible but toughest gig ever but not for 1 second would I change any of it!

And what's your fave thing to do with the girls? I love doing what they love doing and just hanging with them but playing a fun board game is my go-to activity.

Proudest mum moment?
When I see my kids being kind, empathetic, respectful, and generous to others. It's those moments that really make me proud.

Bec – Graphic Designer & mum to Lily, 2 & another on the way!

Bec – Graphic Design & mum to Lily, 2 & another on the way!

So Bec, what does Mother’s Day mean to you? It's a really fun family day for us starting with a big lunch with both sides of the family to celebrate 3 generations of mums!

What would be your fave thing about Lily’s personality? Her newly found singing voice! She dances and sings all day, wherever we are! It's a joy for anyone to watch!

Tell us how you take a mummy break? I love a pilates class out of the house or a coffee date with a girlfriend.  

Proudest mum moment? 
I think it’s ongoing – watching the kind, adventurous, confident little girl Lily is becoming makes me so proud every day.

Helen – Office Manager & mum to Katya, 23 & Christopher, 20.Helen – Office Manager & mum to Katya, 23 & Christopher, 20. 

Helen, what does Motherhood mean to you? To be a positive role model, a continuous cheerleader for every milestone they have experienced and are yet to achieve, as they now navigate adulthood.

More on being a mum, how has this changed you? Patience! Along with resilience and ways to chill out when you’re waiting for them to come home safely at night.

So then how do you take mum time out? Sneaking out for an hour-long massage! Or even just enjoying the serenity at home BY MYSELF in front of the TV.

Proudest mum moment?
Realising that you’ve navigated through the teen/adolescent years and they’ve both come out the other side respectful, hard working individuals. Enza – Design Consultant & mum to Carla, 22, Alessandra, 19 & Giselle 14.

Enza – Design Consultant & mum to Carla, 22 Alessandra, 19 & Giselle 14.

Enza, tell us about Mother’s Day and how you like to mark it? Well, the girls are older now and I love to wait in bed and pretend I’m asleep and see what gets served up for breakfast! I just love spending time with them whether it's watching their soccer games or relaxing. 

Who is most like you? Alessandra – the middle child! We’re procrastinators but extremely creative people who love food!

Finally, what's the best piece of advice you pass on to your daughters?  Believe in yourself, run your own race and don’t be afraid to stand out and be you.

Proudest mum moment? 
Just getting to where we are now - they are all amazing young women. Super proud of all 3!

Beck – Marketing Manager & mum to Evie, 14 & Annie-May 12.

Beck – Marketing Manager & mum to Evie 14 & Annie-May 12.

Tell us your favourite thing about being a mum, Beck? Has to be having my 2 little besties for life! They’re my obsession, greatest loves and deepest pain all in one!

So then who’s most like you? Have to say Annie, my youngest, as she truly looks identical to me! I also see a lot of me in her when I was her age.

And what’s your favourite thing to do with them? Has to be tv bingeing with Nutella! The 3 of us LOVE a good tv binge sesh and it can be a really bad reality show or a great tv series… it's nice to just hang together.

Proudest mum moment?  
Has to be hearing my daughters acknowledge with pride an achievement or action and speak in a positive way about themselves. Having a positive outlook and view of yourself was not as championed when I was growing up as it is now and it makes me so proud to hear and see them celebrating their wins openly.

Lynda – Design Consultant & mum to Tom, 34 & Katherine 31.

Lynda – Design Consultant & mum to Tom, 34 & Katherine, 31. 

Lynda, what does Mothers Day mean to you? It has to be dedicated to honouring and appreciating mothers/mother figures for their love and care and sacrifices. It's a time to express gratitude and celebrate the role they play in our lives.

So what's your fave mum memory? The pride and joy I felt as my children completed their schooling and university journeys. Witnessing their growth, perseverance and achievements throughout the years fills me with immense gratitude and happiness. 

Let’s talk about Leo, your grandson, who we know you regularly spend time with. What does this time look like for you? I adore the one-on-one days I spend with him. Accompanying him to children’s gym class and library playgroup. Whether we are climbing, jumping or reading stories, each moment is a precious opportunity to create lasting memories, bonding and strengthening our relationship.

Proudest mum moment?
One of my proudest mum moments was witnessing both of my children exchange vows and embark on a journey of marriage. Seeing them take this significant step filled me with an overwhelming sense of joy, pride and love.


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