Different Seam Options

You may select between different seam options we give you on some of our custom designed furniture products. If you are unsure about some of the technical terms used and what the different stitch types we offer look like, we have outlined the technical terms below.

The use of stitching and different types of seams in furniture

Stitching in furniture is used to serve the functional purpose of joining the upholstery together. There are many different techniques and styles which are used to show the style/ line and curves of an upholstered item. Some seams are purely functional whilst others have a decorative purpose too.

Below we have listed and explained the technical term of some of the different types of stitching we use often on our upholstered products.

Plain Seam


A plain seam is the simplest type of seam and can be used on almost any item- a plain seam is defined as any seam that attaches 2 pieces of fabrics together, with the wrong side facing.

It is one of the most common types of stitching and is found on most of our upholstered products.

Topstitched Seam 

A top stitch is a line of stitching designed to be seen on the right side of the material and is either used for decorative purposes or for added strength. In our furniture, a top stitch is often sewn alongside a plain seam. This strengthens the seam by sewing through the seam allowance on the underside, which secures it in place. It can also be used to create different patterns.

Piped Seam

A piping detail is a trim or edging formed by sewing a thin strip of folded fabric into a narrow tube to create a “pipe” and attaching it to the edge of an ottoman or bedhead etc.

The term “Self Piped” is using the same colour fabric as your upholstered product and the term “Contrast Piped” is using a different colour fabric to your upholstered product, to create a contrast look and an extra pop of colour.

Double Piped Seam

A double piped seam is two rows of piping next to each other along the same seam. This is used in many designs for extra detail that highlights the seat shape and creates a classic and upmarket look.