In Bed With Zenn – Bec Judd

Introducing Rebecca Judd. Co-Founder of Jaggad, Media Personality, Brand Ambassador and Mum to Oscar, Billie, Tom and Darcy.

We loved working with Bec to bring her bedroom design goals to life. Together, we curated a bespoke collection of furniture that reflects her sophisticated taste, combined with Zenn’s signature minimalistic, tonal aesthetic. In this journal we chat to Bec about this new collection, her nightly routine and some upcoming projects.

Insta: @becjudd

Mum, Speech Pathologist, TV Presenter, fashion and lifestyle blogger, Co-Founder of Jaggad, Author, Interior Decorator, Fashion Designer, Brand Ambassador. You have accomplished so much, what's been the pinnacle of your career highlight and why?
There’s a lot there! I would say there’s been many but first is the ‘grown up’ job of working as a Speech Pathologist in the Alfred Trauma Neurology Ward, it was quite special to be a part of the amazing team there. Hosting postcards for 10 years and getting to see all these rare gem locations around Victoria was also incredible. Being the Co-Founder of Jaggad, Hosting 3PM Pickup Radio and writing a book after having my twins to share my insights was all such incredible honours.

It’s been 20 years (this year!) since you wore the iconic red Tarvydas designed dress to the Brownlows – I think we all want to know – do you still have it?
Definitely a moment! Can’t believe it's been this long! The dress was given to charity which was auctioned off and I have not seen it since that night.

What has been your favourite fashion moment ever?
I’ve been lucky enough to work with J'Aton Couture for 18 years. From Brownlows to Logies, to NGV Galas, to polo moments in NY but my fave was my wedding! I had this amazing J’Aton dress for my ceremony called the Rebecca dress which was so intricately layered and beaded. I then changed into this incredible party dress for the reception which had all the sparkles and of course I was secretly concealing Oscar as I was about 10/11 weeks pregnant!

The New York Collection ft in Bec Judd's bedroom
You’re a mum to 4 kids, you’ve written a book about parenting. What's your best parenting hack to date?
Raising 4 kids is ALOT! There’s always something on, a spot fire to put out or someone who’s sick – you’re always wrangling and managing! But shared calendars with your support crew is the BEST! We all have a shared calendar and it has dates, times, locations and child so we are all fully across what's happening and when.

Together we've designed and selected fabric for your new bed with Zenn. What was the inspo behind this?
I love anything a little bit extra! Anyone who’s following my journey would know that I love something a bit different and not done before. I had been loving boucles over the years but I really wanted to do the next iteration on this textured look and go for an incredible French fabric that had this to die for variation in colour. It just looks so luxe and inviting which I am seriously obsessed with!

Side detailing of The Loft Fully Upholstered Bed

Is buying Australian owned and made important to you?
Yeh it is and I am so proud that my bed is so beautifully Australian made and owned. The team at Zenn were such a joy to work with! They just got it, got me and knew exactly what I wanted and delivered something that hadn’t been done before which was really important to me.

Your room is very zen – how do you wind down at night? Do you have any rituals?
This could sound controversial but getting into bed at the end of the night after all 4 kids and dog are tucked in bed, the house is cleaned, alarm is on, the house is reset and having a good ol’ fashioned scroll on insta! I then like to go onto and look at properties I want to buy that I can’t afford! He!!

What's next for Bec Judd? Can you share any exciting new projects in the pipeline?
I’ve recently completed the Interior Design for a renovation of a home in Arthurs Seat that we are just about to commence building. Hopefully in approx 6 months we will have completed this and I'll have some gorgeous images to share of this stunning reno by Christmas – fingers crossed! Lots coming up for Jaggad and I’ve got a couple of international trips planned as well for some Clients. Overall just being a mum and watching my kids play sports, friendships, parties and just enjoying life!Corner detail – fully upholstered Loft Bed base

Shop the Look
Fully Upholstered Bed: The Loft Fully Upholstered Bed, in fabric Vesuvius 04

Bean Ottoman: The Loft Ottoman, in fabric Vesuvius 04

Side Tables: Siesta Side Tables, in Zenn white-wash 

Scatter Cushions: Custom scatter cushions, in Infinite Husk

Image Credits

Linen: Abode Aurora Quilt Cover and Ultracale Truffle Sheeting with Abode Quilt and Pillows

Wall Sconce: Apparatus Trapeze

Ceramic Lamp: Jan Vogelpoel Ceramics

Art: Bec's Own

Styling: Hannah Goldberg 

Photography: Elisa Watson Photography

Side detailing of the Loft Fully Upholstered Bed.

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